I need to update:

Seriously. I'm going to get on it today. But I cleaned out all the old crap I really did not want on my blog anymore. I suppose there was some success on my part; I at least did something.

Back in a while...with pics :)



Digital Paint
Model: Aaron Steelquist

Hi, guys, I haven't posted in a while--Anyhwo, this is an old painting I did, just edited a little bit (I will revise it again, though). I used red in place of black and I actually really like the way it looks--it's also very demanding. Hmmmm....I actually want to make a real background I think..


First of all...

by AlH
Digital Painting:
ArtRage 2.5
1 Hour 37 Minutes
((Work In Progress))

New Blogs are great!!

The only lame part is filling the dumb thing out and fixing the settings and such.

Anywho, I got a new program called 'ArtRage' a while back and it works very well--I recommend it to traditional painters going digital. It's easy to use and figure out.
I decided to do a portrait of a friend, though I'm not sure if I'm doing her any justice, =); the colour scheme also conflicts with her personality--
Though, on a more serious note, I've never been able to pull off believable skin tones or realistic clothing (I also don't have the patience to paint very realistic looking hair). All three of those points are things I'm hoping to improve on [in the time I'm in indep. art]. Any tips would help a lot--Regarding this particular piece, aside from it not being complete, it feels like somethings off; I'm sure it's my colour choice. I'm considering making the brown in the background more neutral, though there is a part of me that feels it should be warmer; with more red mixed in.
Oh well...any advice will help!!